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Irish firm weighs up economies of scales with launch in stores


The Drop Kitchen app is available free from the Apple Store

The Drop Kitchen app is available free from the Apple Store

The Drop Kitchen app is available free from the Apple Store

An interactive recipe app with synced measuring plate that caused a stir at this year's Web Summit will be landing in Harvey Norman stores across Ireland later this month.

Created by four like-minded techies with a passion for food, the innovative kitchen aid Drop makes it accessible for the most hardened heater of beans to become the most seasoned of chefs.

Chief executive and co-founder Ben Harris said the Drop Kitchen app is now available to download online for free from the Apple Store.

"We started talking to Apple in December of last year. Back then we had a relatively simple product and app.

"But they loved the product back then and couldn't wait to see the finished product," said Harris, who also cites Brit+Co and Food52 as retail partners.

"We're making Drop's vision - to bring people together around home-cooked food - a reality by reinventing recipes and enriching them with the latest "Internet of Things" technology and thinking."

But it is the relationship with Harvey Norman stores across the country that really reflects where the young Irish company has its roots.

"We're a very proud Irish company. On our product, you will see the stamp 'designed in Ireland'," Harris told independent.ie.

"We've got a great partnership with Harvey Norman for our Irish consumers. We'll be in every store in Ireland - and down the line with our other connected products that we have in the pipeline."

Furthermore, the Drop is the first product to ship from Highway1, an incubator from PCH, a company originally founded by entrepreneur Liam Casey in Cork in 1996.

"Drop has captured the consumer imagination, with strong pre-sales.

"It's phenomenal that less than one year ago they were in Highway1 and today they are getting ready to ship for the holidays," said PCH Founder and ceo Liam Casey.

"The four co-founders are phenomenal entrepreneurs and we're proud to be part of their team.

"Their laser-focus on product design, product brand and the consumer experience, is certainly paying off."

Harris and his team are extremely confident about the future of Drop - and the Irish company plans to take the world by storm in the coming years.

"This is definitely just the beginning. We've got a pipeline of products that we're moving around the kitchen. Right now, this is a brilliant 'hello'," said Harris.

Drop can be purchased for €99.95 from Harvey Norman stores nationwide from November 24.

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