Monday 21 October 2019

Huawei Ireland boss reassures over apps

Huawei’s Byron Maxi has reassured the firm’s users over access to popular apps
Huawei’s Byron Maxi has reassured the firm’s users over access to popular apps
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

The head of Huawei's consumer business in Ireland has said that the company has a "commitment" to making sure its existing and future handsets can access and update popular apps.

Byron Maxi told reporters this week that the company's relationship with Google would "continue", and that it would have access to early versions of Google features.

His remarks come as uncertainty continues to cloud Huawei's future relationship with major US software companies such as Google and Microsoft.

However, pressure on Huawei, which has been under scrutiny after a US executive order putting the Chinese firm on a trading blacklist, eased slightly earlier this week, after American authorities indicated they may soften their stance.

Mr Byron said that sales of Huawei handsets, which vie with Apple's iPhone for the number-two spot in the Irish market behind Samsung, have not been substantially affected by the controversy.

Separately, Mr Byron also said that the new foldable Mate X smartphone would be released, although he could not give a release date.

He said that the technology "works" and would not suffer technical difficulties. Samsung's version of a folding phone, the Galaxy Fold, was pulled from launch earlier this year after multiple problems were revealed in early press reviews.

The South Korean company's boss, DJ Koh, later admitted that the foldable handset had been launched "before it was ready".

Meanwhile, Huawei Ireland says that it has not yet been in touch with government agencies about any security review regarding the country's 5G rollout.

"Huawei has had no active part in, nor been in contact with, the National Cyber Security Centre regarding its audit of Ireland's communications networks and 5G," a spokesman said.

The latest remarks come after US security officials briefed Irish government agencies last week.

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