Thursday 19 April 2018

Facebook from beyond the grave? Social media giant allows users to pick an 'heir' for account

Sarah Jane Murphy

Facebook has introduced a new service allowing users to appoint an executor to their account, enabling it to be accessed and updated after their death.

The chosen person will have the authority to add pictures, send and receive messages and accept friend requests.

However certain privacy restrictions will apply - posts made by the deceased cannot be edited and historical private messages can not be accessed.

Also, it will not be possible for the nominated person to delete the account.

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Until now, Facebook operated a policy of freezing a profile following a person’s death, meaning the page served as a memorial to the deceased.

Responding to news of the new feature, social media users raised the issue that the service could lead to confusion, with people thinking their loved one is still alive if they respond to a friend request.

The social media networking giant says the new service simply allows people to remember their loved ones after they have passed away.

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