Monday 22 January 2018

EXCLUSIVE: See Ireland for first time through Google glass takes tour of Dublin in technology first with Google glass

Ailish O'Hora

Ailish O'Hora

The sun may not have arrived first thing this morning but Google Glass did! Social Media Editor Clare Cullen was the first person to take Google Glass on a tour of Dublin's fair city.

In Glass's first road-test in Ireland, Clare really put the technology through its paces, and tested several of its features from directions to field trip to wink activation, remembering (of course) to take some high-quality photos and videos throughout.

Watch the sneak preview above and come back to tomorrow for an in-depth video review which will show you the inner workings of the much-talked about tech.

Tomorrow, take in the view from the top of Dublin's tallest building - Liberty Hall - and the later the historic grounds of Trinity College, and even a spin on the Dublin sightseeing tour bus.

While Google Glass has yet to be released here, it has gone on sale in the UK at £1,000 (€1,250). Potential buyers can get 'Glass' personally sized in Google's London headquarters or have them delivered, but must have a UK credit card to order.

Clare Cullen in Google Glass
Social Media Editor Clare Cullen takes Google Glass for a spin on the Dublin Sightseeing Tour Bus
Social Media Editor Clare Cullen captures videographer Kyran O'Brien on a screencast of Google Glass eyesight.
Clare Cullen takes a 'Glass selfie'
The 'Glass Selfie' from the other view - 'Selfieception'!

The wearable device incorporates a mini-PC and a high definition camera into a pair of glasses.

The gadget, which can receive calls and texts when wirelessly connected to a phone, boasts a number of apps, can take photos and videos on command and can provide all of Google's functions - Directions, Translate, Search and more.

It consists of a tiny screen in front of the right eye (that  is designed to appear equivalent in size to a 25-inch desktop display placed around three metres from your face), a battery, a frame and a touch-sensitive panel.

Voice commands allow the user to perform various functions with commands such as: "OK Glass – take a picture", and will even boast the function of 'wink commands'.

Full video play-through and first-person user review here on tomorrow.

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