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Eir CEO says company 'very happy' with Huawei being its 5G network


Eir boss Carolan Lennon

Eir boss Carolan Lennon

Eir boss Carolan Lennon

Eir CEO Carolan Lennon says her company is “very happy” with Huawei being in its 5G network.

The company’s chief technology officer, Guillaume Duhaze, added that Eir’s French parent company has overseen security testing with Huawei 5G kit and found “no issue”. “It’s very good technology,” said Mr Duhaze.
The Eir executives’ comments come as UK prime minister Boris Johnson looks set to risk tension with the US administration by rebuffing American attempts to have British telecoms operators jettison the Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturer.
Eir’s 5G network infrastructure is divided between Huawei radio equipment and Ericsson “core” network equipment.
Ms Lennon said that some multinational customers have raised the issue of Huawei telecoms equipment used in its 5G network, but it “hasn’t led to the loss of any customers”.
Eir claims to have 25pc population coverage with its 5G network spread over 170 sites across the country. This makes it the mobile operator with the biggest 5G coverage to date, spread over 20 cities and towns. The company has a €150m investment plan for the technology, Ms Lennon said.

Vodafone launched its 5G network in 2019 while Three is yet to launch its 5G network.
Ms Lennon also said that its budget €10-per-month GoMo mobile operator has exceeded the company’s expectations.
“We had a business plan that looked at 100,000 signups by June of this year, but we reached that last December,” she said.
She said that there was “no issue” with a probe from the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland into GoMo terms and conditions that state it can change the price of the service.
“It’s definitely for life,” she said.
Ms Lennon also said that Eir is “taking on cable” broadband in urban and suburban areas with a plan to pipe fibre-to-the-home internet into 1.4m homes across the country.
“It’s a big bet for us,” she said.

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