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Cavan firm signs deal with Vantage Towers to significantly extend asset life


New programme will extend the life of telephone towers

New programme will extend the life of telephone towers

New programme will extend the life of telephone towers

Vantage Towers Ireland, the telecom towers infrastructure company, has announced a five-year sustainable maintenance deal with engineering firm Obelisk, which is designed to lengthen the lifespan of its Irish network .

The programme is designed to lower Vantage Towers’ carbon footprint and is one of the first major support contracts signed by the Irish entity.

Vantage Towers was originally set up as a Vodafone subsidiary in 2019 and was floated on the stock market in March 2021. It is one of Europe’s largest tower companies, with 83,000 sites across 10 markets. In Ireland, it operates from 1,300 locations.

Ireland is the second EU market after Portugal to initiate this preventative infrastructure maintenance programme.

“This programme brings a new dimension to tower maintenance. Previously the industry generally looked at active components, such as antennae, and not the environment around it,” said Vantage Towers MD Brian McHugh.

“However, by carrying out active ongoing maintenance of the infrastructure on our sites, we can monitor energy usage, reduce carbon emissions – and most importantly, prolong the useful asset life of the tower.

“We estimate that our built assets should have a lifespan of at least three decades if they are proactively checked and maintained on ongoing basis.

“The most sustainable tower is the one that already exists, and we estimate we can significantly increase our useful asset life by taking this step.”

Vantage Towers’ portfolio includes towers, masts, rooftop sites, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cells. In Ireland, these are split almost exactly evenly between urban-based rooftop towers and rural ground-based towers.

Based in Cavan, and recently acquired by Portuguese outfit Visabeira, Obelisk provides infrastructure for the telecoms and power sectors in Ireland and the UK.

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