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Apple Pay could change the way we live ... all over again


iPhone6 and Apple pay

iPhone6 and Apple pay

iPhone6 and Apple pay

Bono may have held Tim Cook's hand aloft, but will people take to smartwatches and mobile payments in the way that Apple hopes they will? That's a key question after the company's most important product launch event in years.

Both concepts, while lauded in theory, have struggled badly to take off.

On the face of it, it's not hard to see why. Smartwatches are clunky with an occasional 'geek' stigmatisation. Mobile payments seem superfluous when we have cash and credit cards in our pockets, two systems that are almost universally accepted.

But if anyone can make this work, it's Apple. Of the two new technologies, Apple Pay is arguably the more important. A genuinely secure, simple, quick way to pay for things without the rigmarole that goes with credit cards or the frailty of cash would be a very handy thing for many people.

But do we trust a phone (or a smartwatch) to be such a vehicle? If there is one immutable law of technology adoption, it is that convenience trumps most other considerations. Privacy? Security? Yes, they're important. But make my life way easier right away? That's the winner every time.

As for Apple's new iPhone 6 models, it's hard to see them not crushing rivals this Christmas. Many people have resisted returning to Apple phones because of the small screens.

The two new, bigger models remove that consideration entirely.

There are lots of other things to like about the phones, too: a superb new camera, better (promised) battery life and a new 128GB model that will allow more storage for files, photos and music.

The only problem with the iPhone 6 handsets will be availability. Get ready for one hell of a supply crunch for these devices.

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