Monday 18 November 2019

50pc of us use our mobile phone while in the bathroom

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Click to see a bigger version of the graphic

Sam Griffin

Washing your hands after using the toilet may not be enough to escape germs anymore - because one in two of us use our phones while in the bathroom.

And, shockingly, a quarter of the population aged under 25 have, rather impersonally, dumped a partner via a text message.

These are just some of the surprising findings that emerged following a survey of 1,000 of the country's mobile phone users.

It also found one in 10 Irish people check their device an incredible 160 times every day - that's once every 10 minutes - while the 'average' user checks their mobile 40 times per day.

The research, commissioned by the country's newest mobile operator iD, also found that one in three people use their mobile phone as a mirror to check their appearance.

Overall partners are the most called contact in a person's phone book; however, mammy was voted number one among 18-34-year-olds.

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