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New Windows Phone 7 features coming soon, says Highfield

Ashley Highfield, Microsoft's UK head of consumer products, said that new Windows Phone 7 features, such as cut and paste, would be available early next year.

Highfield said Microsoft's latest foray in to mobile phones was not a revolution, but that its Windows Phone 7 operating system would "offer another way" in an increasingly crowded market.

“Our aim is to make an ever more complicated piece of technology ever more simple to use," he said.

“We are at launch day zero, and there are features on our road map that will be coming over the future months and years. Beauty is not a substitute for functionality."

He believes that Windows Phone 7 will appeal both to consumers and business users. "Because of our heritage in the enterprise space, this platform does some pretty amazing business things.

You can edit a PowerPoint collaboratively through Sharepoint on your phone; you can download a track on Zune through your Xbox and it’s automatically available to you on your phone,” he said.

The aim, said Highfield, is for people to “literally doing things in one click".

"We’re not claiming revolution," he said. "We’re claiming that this is a phone that enables you to get what you want done much more quickly and simply.”

Highfield said that the minimum hardware specifications set by Microsoft for all Windows Phone 7 devices would help to ensure a consistent user experience.

“Because developers know with much more certainty how a phone will operate with their software, quality control can be much higher,” he said.

“A year ago you could have written an article about us missing the consumer boat,” said Highfield. “Now we’re back in it – and we know that while users are quite peripatetic, if you give them a compelling reason for using something, they’ll use it."