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New tech start-up aims to end tyranny of mountains of personal paperwork


PASSWORD PROTECTED: Paul Phelan of Salmon Technologies

PASSWORD PROTECTED: Paul Phelan of Salmon Technologies

PASSWORD PROTECTED: Paul Phelan of Salmon Technologies

In the modern world everyone has by necessity become a one-man bureaucracy.

We need passports, wedding certificates, birth certificates, driver's licences, house property deeds, insurance policy certs, bank account details, university degrees and so on in order to participate in society. It is a never-ending paper trail that keeps on growing.

Unfortunately, if something goes wrong - such as a house fire - there is an almighty scramble to try and prove that all your lost valuables actually existed in the first place - as without receipts, you cannot make a claim.

If it is a particularly bad fire you may even have to recreate your entire official paper existence from scratch; a torturous, time-consuming business.

In the case of a death in the family, all the paper records of the deceased have to be located for inheritance purposes.

Paul Phelan knows all about such happenings and decided to do something about it.

He set up Salmon Technologies - as in the fabled Salmon of Knowledge - to capture, catalogue and safely store everything digitally in the cloud using existing, everyday technologies such as iPhones.

With everything securely vaulted and catalogued in the one place, including family photos and videos if you so choose, it makes modern-day bureaucratic life a lot easier.

Phelan takes up the story. "I am an engineer by trade and I have a background in electronics and communications; I also did a lot of software development. About eight years ago I came up with the idea.

"A lot of our everyday documents are still on paper and I realised that with all today's bureaucracy, the growth in documents was exponential.

"Even with everyday things - such as a 12-month warranty for a new product - most people just throw them away and have no comeback if something goes wrong."

Though the building of a secure online, library-style cataloguing system complete with intuitive icons for house, car, financial and a myriad of other documents sounds straightforward, in reality it took years of hard programming graft.

Phelan and his team had to marry together a range of proven existing technologies and create some new patented ones to manage all the diverse elements.

He continues the story: "Our goal is to help people to save time at critical moments in their lives. Essentially, we are offering a dedicated place for people's family records - a family tree in a sense."

Salmon Technologies will use a freemium business model with no fees for basic archiving of documents. However, for more sophisticated users there will be a small yearly fee for storage and retrieval.

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