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New Style Guide: Should you keep your mobile phone on display at lunch?

SHOULD you keep your mobile phone on display at lunch? Can you tweet with taste and how does James Bond maintain that polished look in those dashing dinner jackets?

Two new guides from etiquette authority Debrett's offer modern men some time-honoured tips on shoe care and shaving alongside 21st century advice on how to handle your mobile phone, email punctuation and an answer for any modern digital Hamlet: "To tweet or not to tweet?"

The sartorial bible "Men's Style" includes advice on formal wear and tailoring traditions as well as how to mix and match casual clothing, picking the right aftershave and "essential" advice on maintaining luxuriant beards and moustaches.

"Netiquette" helps navigate the dos and don'ts of the digital age with useful suggestions on mobile phone use, golden rules for emails and texting faux pas.

It demystifies technical terminology, offers ways to protect your privacy and advice on getting your Twitter persona just right.

"Men's Style is packed with subtle advice and practical hints to help the modern man to appear effortlessly stylish, while at a time when web-based communication is threatening to take over all our lives, Netiquette is an indispensable guide on how to deal with every digital dilemma," Debrett's Managing Editor Jo Bryant said in a statement.

Both guides are part of a series of titles, which include "Debrett's People of Today", listing people of distinction and achievement, "A Guide to Civilised Separation" and "Debrett's A-Z of Modern Manners".