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New MacBook is light and lusty





Apple MacBook Price: from €1,500 Rating: ****

While Apple's brand new MacBook was always going to be in the shadow of the new Watch's launch, many will feel that this was the real star of last Monday's show.

The new 12-inch portable computer is lighter (0.9kg) than either of Apple's current MacBook Air models and adds in a 'retina' screen, a revamped keyboard and a newly-designed trackpad.

It takes a bold gamble by including just one port, the new USB C standard: this charges the laptop as well as connecting it to the usual external devices. (Apple, as is its wont, will sell you an accessory that connects your existing cables to the new USB C port while peripheral manufacturers catch up.)

The MacBook also has one of Intel's new Core M processors, which allow it to do away with an internal fan and prolongs battery life.

And its other specifications are relatively good, too: a 256GB solid drive and 8GB of Ram. But it is the machine's slimness and lightweight frame that makes this one stand out: it is impossible not to want one.

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