Sunday 20 October 2019

New app allows families to 'record their life stories'

Record Their Stories is new app which allows families to create audio memories
Record Their Stories is new app which allows families to create audio memories

Emma Barnett

AN award-winning radio production company has created a new app which lets people create ‘professional’ podcasts starring their nearest and dearest.

‘Record Their Stories’ is the brainchild of Neil Cowling, the founder of Fresh Air Production, which regularly makes documentaries for the likes of BBC Radio 4 and BBC Five Live and has scooped several Sonys.

The 69p app allows people to record their friends’ and family life stories and then edit them into professional-sounding MP3s to store in their iTunes or on their computer.

Cowling said “For the first part of my life I had the privilege of knowing my grandpa. Born in the year that the Titanic sank, he saw the world change in ways I can’t imagine, as his family flourished over four generations. His stories were brilliant but I didn’t have an easy means to capture them, and now it’s too late.

“Today most of us carry a recording device with us everywhere we go - a mobile phone. I wanted to utilise that tool to the very best of its story capturing abilities, allowing people to gather their own family anecdotes in a way that’s effective, easy and fun.”

People can edit their recordings by touching an image of a reel to reel tape recorder simulation to alter the length of a track.

‘Record Their Stories’ also comes with more than 100 suggested interview questions to help prompt people, like an autocue, as to what to ask their interviewee. Additionally the app allows users to email their own personalised script to themselves so they can print it out on their computer if they prefer.

People can also get their recordings turned into a gift, by submitting them to the ‘Record Their Stories’ website and paying for them to be professionally edited and mixed into an audio keepsake. Prices start from £90 per recording. The team creates an MP3 and a CD of each audio file - which is limited at 30 minutes per submission.

The app is only available through the Apple App Store at the moment. It will launch on Android within the ‘next few months’.

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