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Never liked it anyway: Website that gets rid of unwanted gifts from bad relationships

A NEW website, neverlikeditanyway.com, has been set up to dispose of unwanted gifts from relationships that have gone sour.

Annabel Acton, 28, from New York, created the website after her own romance fell apart days before Christmas.

Miss Acton, originally from Australia, had two tickets to London, as well as artwork and jewellery she did not want to wear anymore, so decided to set up the website to sell it on.

One of the prize items on the site at the moment is a Size 6 never been worn wedding dress. Sellers list the "real world price", in this case $700 (€540), the break-up price of $400 and then they blog about it.

In the case of the wedding dress, the user, beccey0609, wrote: "I tried on this dress and fell in love! Unfortunately my relationship ended due to the fact that he was a cheater. yea ..."

Other items on the site at the moment include a three-day weekend wedding package to upstate New York, a Tiffany silver heart necklace, and a Brown Teddy Bear described as "My First Valentine Gift!!!"

"All this pathetic 'Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all' was sappy. I wanted something spunky," Miss Acton told the New York Post.

"I wanted it to be irreverent like 'Sex in the City,' or like what would happen if Beyoncé got dumped, what would she do about it.

"They need to move on and not cry in a pile of tissues, eating ice cream."