Wednesday 22 November 2017

Netflix releases smart socks that will pause your show when you fall asleep

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Doug Bolton

If your feet have ever got a little cold during extended Netflix and chill sessions, then you're in luck - Netflix has revealed a pair of smart socks that will both keep you warm and pause your show when they detect you've fallen asleep, so you don't miss a second.

The aptly-named Netflix Socks are fitted with an array of sensors that can send a signal to your TV to pause the show when they detect you've fallen asleep.

This might pose a problem if you're sitting motionless on the couch while wide awake, but the built-in accelerometers are very sensitive - Netflix says they'll be able to tell the difference between sitting still and actual sleep.

Netflix also suggests that really tech-savvy binge-watchers could also add a pulse sensor, which detects when your heart rate lowers to sleeping levels and pauses your show accordingly.

Unfortunately, the socks aren't available in shops - they're part of Netflix's new 'Make It' scheme, which encourages makers and programmers to build cool things that can enhance the Netflix experience.

This is the same initiative which brought the Netflix and Chill Button to the world - a simple button that can be programmed to dim the lights and start your favourite show with a single press.

Netflix has released the plans for the socks online - if you're half-decent at knitting, sewing, building basic hardware and coding, you might be able to make them. 

The rest of us will just have to make do with catching up on shows we missed after falling asleep, like usual.

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