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Sunday 22 September 2019

Nasty Tinder surprise for tech boss after his tall tales from the Dublin Web Summit

Sean Rad at the recent Web Summit at the RDS. Photo: Steve Humphreys.
Sean Rad at the recent Web Summit at the RDS. Photo: Steve Humphreys.
The popular Tinder app.

Michael Cogley

Under-fire Tinder boss Sean Rad exaggerated his reception at Dublin's Web Summit in an interview that has landed the controversial Silicon Valley executive in hot water.

In an interview last week with UK newspaper the 'Evening Standard', Rad told of how he was 'addicted to Tinder' and that he falls in love with a new girl every other week but is currently focusing on the company.

He also said that there were "screaming fans" at the keynote talk he gave at the Web Summit in Dublin earlier this month and that it was "like a concert".

Rad's remarks over his reception at the Web Summit have been refuted from a number of people present at his talk there earlier this month.

"I think Sean Rad might be confusing himself with Bono", believing that he was a popular world figure, said Sean Defoe, who attended Rad's talk at the Web Summit.

"The centre stage was packed out for his talk with loads of people having to sit on the floor. It was very entertaining at times. He spoke about the Tinder babies his app has made."

Other attendees told a similar story.

"There weren't any screaming fans," said one, who asked not to be identified.

"There were people laughing but it was far from screaming. There were a few childish laughs when he eluded to the hook-up culture of the app. It was more like a Ted talk than a concert."

Rad's 'Evening Standard' comments about his Web Summit appearance came ahead of the public flotation of Tinder's parent company, Match, last week.

The Nasdaq flotation garnered $460m (€433m) for Match when shares in the business sold for $12 (€11.31). Share prices have increased since its IPO, rising to $14.25 (€13.45) on Wednesday.

The interview caused Match to distance itself from the executive.

"The article was not approved or condoned by, and the content of the article was not reviewed by, the company or any of its affiliates," said a statement from Match.

"Mr Rad is not a director or executive officer of the company and was not authorised to make statements on behalf of the company for purposes of the article."

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