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Mobile bills are down and broadband speeds are up - telecoms regulator





Mobile bills are down and broadband speeds are up, according to the latest figures from the Irish telecoms regulator.

Average broadband speeds continue to increase with half (48pc) of all fixed broadband subscriptions are more than 30Mbps, up from 38pc last year. And almost two thirds (62pc) of all fixed broadband subscriptions were over 10Mbps compared to 57pc in last year.

However, there remain almost 800,000 homes and businesses in the state that cannot get broadband of over 10Mbs.

Meanwhile, mobile phone bills continue to fall in Ireland, with the average revenue per user declining from €26 per month to €25 per month in the last year.

Usage of traditional SMS text messaging continues to fall, declining by 11pc over the last 12 months. However, use of mobile data, which is required for rival services such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, increased by 84pc in the same period.

In the mobile market, Vodafone retains its market lead, despite shedding approximately 100,000 customers in the last year. The Comreg report says that Vodafone has fallen from 40.5pc to 38.5pc of the Irish market, while 3 Ireland has remained steady on 32pc. Meteor has risen slightly from 20.4pc to 20.7pc while Tesco Mobile gained sharply, rising 4.5pc to 6.1pc.

Including mobile ‘dongle’ and so-called ‘machine to machine’ subscriptions, Vodafone has 38.2pc (down 1.1pc) compared to 3 Ireland’s 35.4pc (down 0.7pc) and Meteor’s 18.8pc (up 0.2pc).

The mobile penetration rate now stands at 125pc including mobile broadband and ‘machine to machine’ subscriptions and 105pc excluding mobile broadband and machine to machine subscriptions.

The size of the overall Irish telecoms market has declined by 3pc to €732m for the first three months of 2015, according to new figures from the Irish telecoms regulator, Comreg.

Fixed line retail revenues fell by 6pc to €314m while mobile revenues declined by just under 1pc to €450m. However, fixed line wholesale revenues, made up chiefly by Eircom’s landline network, rose by 8pc to €158m.

Fixed broadband subscriptions were up 5pc while mobile broadband ‘dongle’ subscriptions fell by 11pc. So-called machine-to-machine subscriptions rose by 11pc to 476,000.

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