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Monday 11 November 2019

Microsoft Windows 8 adverts debut

Microsoft's logo
Microsoft's logo
This product rendering released by Microsoft shows Surface, a 9.3 millimeter thick tablet with a kickstand to hold it upright and keyboard that is part of the device's cover.
A Microsoft representative holds a new Surface tablet

Adverts for Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 8 operating system have been published online.

The new adverts aim to show new and existing Windows users how to perform simple tasks with the new operating system, which is a significant change from previous versions.

Microsoft has released are four adverts altogether, which appeared on TechIt, an Israeli technology news website. One commercial introduces the new operating system, another emphasises personalisation, a third covers apps and the fourth focuses on work.

Windows 8, which launches in New York on October 25th, has been criticised by some observers, including Paul Allen, Microsoft's co-founder. Allen said the operating system was "puzzling".

Microsoft has designed Windows 8 to work on a range of devices, from laptops to tablets, and it has two distinct modes. The first, using Microsoft's tiled interface, previously known as Metro, works in a similar way to the user interface on Windows Phones. The second mode resembles the more traditional Windows desktop.

Users can switch between modes for different tasks but some have found that confusing. Allen said last week: "The bimodal user experience can introduce confusion, especially when two versions of the same application – such as Internet Explorer – can be opened and run simultaneously. Files can also be opened in either of the two available modes."

In a letter to shareholders yesterday, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive, said that the company was experiencing a "significant shift" and would in future have to produce more hardware.

He said: "There will be times when we build specific devices for specific purposes, as we have chosen to do with Xbox and the recently announced Microsoft Surface."

Shane Richmond,

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