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Sunday 18 February 2018

Make me richer

Smart kettle

iKettle: Just add Wifey - or WiFi? Or just Mrs Doyle?
iKettle: Just add Wifey - or WiFi? Or just Mrs Doyle?
Gavin McLoughlin

Gavin McLoughlin

The iKettle is a tea lover's dream. The device is hooked up to wifi meaning you can tell it to boil from anywhere in the house via your smartphone. Send the command from the scratcher and walk downstairs to the piping hot goodness. Alternatively, set the kettle to boil just before the ad break in your favourite show. Think of the possibilities.

Best: €107.99, Orange

Hmm: €129.99, Currys

Save: €22, enough to buy almost 500 bags of Barry's Tea.

Dog food

Rover's munching on the cushions again and you need something to keep him distracted. Throwing tennis balls all day isn't a runner so maybe it's time to change your dog food. Stuff the greedy bugger to bursting with Royal Canin SHN nuts for medium dogs. Price is for a 15kg bag. That should take him a while to work through.

Best: €58.49, Pet Shop Online

Hmm: €72.99, Pet Bliss

Save: €14.50 - enough to buy a chew toy if the food doesn't work.

Punching bag

Stress balls aren't helping with your stress and you reckon hitting something would do you good. Be logical though - hard items like the wall or the door will cause serious damage to your knuckles.

Best to go for something like the Jordan Triple punch bag. Stick a photo of your nemesis on the bag for extra relief. You may also want to buy some boxing gloves.

Best: €220, Health and Fitness Ireland

Hmm: €249.90, Mc Sport

Save: €29.90 - enough to buy some whale music to help you calm down in a less exhausting way

Car hire excess insurance

Your beautiful trip to the Alps is ruined when you tip your hired car off the side of a local farmer's tiny Renault. Now you're faced with an unimpressed hire company demanding hundreds in compensation. If only you'd bought car hire excess insurance, Keep yourself covered with Cover is for 7 days in Europe.

Best: €20.93,

Hmm: €39.41, Insurance 4 Car Hire

Save: €18.48 - enough for a nice bottle of red wine - to be drunk after the day's driving is finished.

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