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Magnet launches new mobile-based broadband aimed at remote workers



Magnet Networks marketing director Louise McKeown

Magnet Networks marketing director Louise McKeown

Magnet Networks marketing director Louise McKeown

Remote workers grappling with a basic or low-speed internet connection will have the option from this week to sign up to a new nationwide broadband offering with average minimum speeds of 20mbps virtually anywhere in the country.

The new national offering, Broadband Anywhere from Magnet Networks, launches this week using mobile technology.

Operating on a separate IoT platform, using 4G LTE technology, Broadband Anywhere is not subject to contention and allows people currently operating on low speeds to significantly upgrade their connectivity, according to Magnet.

Broadband Anywhere is being sold on capacity rather than speed and the basic package will start at €59 for 100gb, rising to €88 for 600gb.

"Broadband Anywhere is great news for people who are currently struggling with a very basic or no connection," said Magnet Networks marketing director Louise McKeown.

"Our recent testing on March 6 achieved average minimum speeds of 20mbps at 91 random locations nationwide, and we have customers who are now getting 25mbps upload and download in a two-bar 3G area.

"We want to rapidly deploy this product nationwide and, when purchased as a self-install, Broadband Anywhere can be up and running 24 hours after an initial enquiry. For business owners working remotely who are struggling with slow speeds Broadband Anywhere can then be taken back into the main premises when this situation is over and used as a back-up solution for continuity or as the main connectivity source.

"Broadband Anywhere bridges the distance between the fibre exchange and the consumer, commonly known as the last mile. We are using 4G to bring the signal from the end of the fibre to the consumer, covering the distance with a quality signal that existing copper services are unable to carry. If you are within a few kilometres of a mobile phone network, then we will be able to deliver quality broadband to your business."

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