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Tuesday 16 October 2018

Linkedin lets your boss keep tabs on what you’re posting online

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Aatif Sulleyman

Linkedin is telling people’s bosses about what they’re posting online.

The networking site is analysing users’ sharing habits and offering to send its findings to their employers.

This includes the amount of content people are posting, and the impact these updates are having on "content engagement".

The feature was spotted by Matt Navarra, who tweeted a screenshot of an offer message that the company appears to be sending to LinkedIn Elevate users.

The message has the subject line: "Get data on your employees’ sharing behavior".

"We know from our research that companies whose employees regularly share content are able to better market their products and services," it reads.

"We’d like to offer you the chance to see unique data about the sharing activity of your own employees, something we’re only doing for a select set of companies."

The new feature is cause for concern for users, as it allows for them to be ranked by how effectively they're managing to rep their employers.

This data is said to include:

  • Employees’ sharing rates
  • The percentage of employees that "already share company-relevant" content
  • The impact they’re having on content engagement
  • Guidance for turning more employees into "advocates"

The message adds that LinkedIn will "be in touch with your custom data" once the offer is accepted.

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