Link that allows teenagers to report crime built into computer game

Margaret Davis

A link that allows teenagers to report crime has been built in to the computer game Football Manager, Crimestoppers said today.

In the most recent edition of the game, players can click on advertising hoarding at the edge of the pitch to be taken to the crime charity's youth service website, Fearless.

The scheme targets 11 to 16 year olds, aiming to educate them about crime and give them a chance to report offences anonymously.

Kate Johnston from Crimestoppers, said: "Many young people don't feel they have a voice when it comes to crime, or are simply scared of the repercussions should they speak up, which is why Fearless is such a great avenue for them."

Miles Jacobson, from Sports Interactive, which makes the game, said: "Hopefully having the Fearless message at the side of the pitch during matches will be of help to any of our younger fans faced with a difficult situation."