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Join forces to bring down the terrorists

Army of Two: The 40th Day, X360/PS3

Now with 50pc less stupidity -- it's a terrible marketing slogan but it just about sums up the second outing for this co-operative shooter.

Its debut last year was marked by dumbness on an epic scale: clueless AI, lazy level design and a clunker of a script trying to breathe life into the soldiers of fortune at the game's heart.

The 40th Day tinkers with the formula to good effect but we're still in Gears of War territory, featuring a pair of gruff mercenaries who do their talking with Uzis. What has improved dramatically is the scenery, a destroyed Shanghai under terrorist siege giving rise to firefights across skyscrapers, alleyways and, er, a zoo.

Army of Two is intended to be played online with a friend, where the co-op element gets a thorough workout. In single-player, the shortcomings are much less palatable.

Rating: 8/10

Alien Breed, X360

This reworking of a fondly remembered 1991 classic steals the plot wholesale from Alien. It's just you and thousands of angry monsters aboard an abandoned spaceship.

But while initially diverting, it quickly descends into a repetitive trek around darkened corridors, fixing broken electrical panels and backtracking endlessly.

Once you've seen the first 20 minutes, you've seen it all.

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Rating: 6/10

Lips: Numbers One Hits, X360

We went easy on Lips' debut last year, hoping the makers would address the issue that it was more pretty and shallow than a real karaoke game to rival PlayStation's SingStar.

But no, you can still score nearly as many points by jogging on the spot with the mic down your pants as you can by singing accurately to the selection of pop hits.

And, as SingStar shows, karaoke is always much better when you can hook up your webcam to record your dire performances. Lips: NOH is more of a novelty hit than a chart-topper.

Rating: 6/10

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