Saturday 24 February 2018

It's war on a grand scale with MAG

MAG, PS3: If three's a crowd, what do 256 make? A damn-fine online shooter, that's what. From the people who brought us the PS2 counter-espionage series SOCOM, MAG's big boast is that size matters. For once, it might be true.

MAG creates a battlefield in which a record-breaking 256 players split into two teams can face off in epic firefights.

The set-up will be familiar to veterans of large-scale military shooters such as Counter-Strike and Modern Warfare, with players working together to tackle objectives such as defend this base or attack that outpost.

MAG sub-divides each team into squads of eight, handing command to more experienced players.

Play the lone wolf and you'll get nowhere fast in the chaos. But the rewards come when you stick to the plan, look past the somewhat drab graphics and slog through the confusing opening hours.

Then MAG blossoms into a shooter that's distinctively different.

RATING: 8/10

Dark Void, X360/PS3/PC

Simple rule: every game's better with a jetpack. Dark Void doesn't let you have it until a couple of hours into its retro sci-fi tale of aliens invading the Bermuda Triangle. But once past the plodding intro, the mix of aerial dogfights and on-foot gunplay kicks the game into life.

Visually, it tries to ape PS3 classic Uncharted (actor Nolan North also voices the lead character here too), all creepy jungle and rocky canyons. Gameplay-wise, it's not in the same league, even allowing for the jetpack novelty. Dark Void has its moments but its short lifespan mark it as more of a rental.

RATING: 7/10

This is Football Management, PSP

Reviving the PS2's old footie brand, TIFM packs a ton of stats-based soccer into one small, low-priced download. But if staring at a sea of numbers doesn't float your boat, there's little in the way of other jollies here.

It can't compete with full-price releases such as Football Manager Handheld -- lacking official licences, teams are rendered with cod names such 'Manchester Red'. But it's a decent stab at fantasy football.

RATING: 7.5/10

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