Wednesday 21 March 2018

It's the business, but for cool look elsewhere

Toshiba Portegé Z20t Price: €1,500 Rating: ***

What do you really want in a laptop? For me, it's a machine that is slim, light, is as powerful as possible and can double as a video unit. Toshiba's new Z20t scores two and a half out of four here.

The 12.5-inch Windows device weighs a reasonable 1.5kg but is not especially slim, at almost an inch thick. It does a passable job as a Netflix machine, thanks to its ability at detaching screen from keyboard.

(This is meant to give it tablet functionality, but Windows devices have little appeal as tablets beyond movie screens to most ordinary people.)

Where it compromises a bit is on power. This uses one of the new Intel Core M chips, designed to prioritise battery life over processing gigahertz muscle. (My model had 4GB of Ram and 128GB of storage.) So while you get over 10 hours' use per charge, this isn't a reliable machine to edit photos or videos on.

It's also comparatively dull in its physical design: this looks very much like a work laptop. But its intended market - business users - might like it a lot. Its keyboard is pleasingly reminiscent of Lenovo's Thinkpad (still the benchmark for Windows laptops).

And the aforementioned battery life means less emphasis on necessary external chargers and cables. I doubt you'll see many of these in hipster cafés. But in a Heathrow business lounge, it'll fit right in.

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