Wednesday 18 September 2019

It's official - using iPad on take-off won't crash plane

iPad use may now be allowed to be used on airplanes on take-off
iPad use may now be allowed to be used on airplanes on take-off
Phone use on jets to be relaxed.

Aideen Sheehan

USING a smartphone or iPad at take-off won't cause your plane to crash, a European safety watchdog has decided.

Passengers should be able to use electronic devices at take-off and landing within weeks after the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) decided they did not pose a safety risk.

Passengers are currently limited to using electronic devices only during the cruising period on a flight.

But travellers should soon be able to use gadgets such as mobile phones, e-readers, MP3 players and tablets at any time during the flight.

This will include take-off, landing and while taxiing -- as long as the electronic devices are in "airplane mode" with internet access disabled.

It will be up to individual airlines to decide whether to implement the guidelines.

MEP Jim Higgins said the old rules needed updating: "Few people really believed that playing music on your phone or iPad was going to cause the plane to crash."

Aer Lingus said it would review the new guidelines before deciding whether to lift its current restrictions on the use of handheld devices.

"We are reviewing the safety guidelines issued by EASA. A decision will be made following consultation with a number of internal and external parties," a spokesperson said.

Asked if it was going to relax use of electronic devices, a Ryanair spokesman said: "We will always consider any initiatives which will improve our passenger experience."

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