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Irish people are utterly addicted to smartphones as one third place on table at meal times


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Irish people are utterly addicted to smartphones and are increasingly incapable of putting them away at events, according to a major new study.

Over half of us refuse to disconnect at family events and a third of us now put our phones on the table for use during meal times.

The poll of 1,000 Irish adults from Coyne Research for Carphone Warehouse Ireland also shows that a whopping 98pc of us can’t leave the phone out of the bedroom anymore.

We’re so addicted to our handsets that two thirds of us say that we’d fail a 24-hour ‘digital detox’ period.

The figures are likely to understate the importance of phones as our basic everyday crutch as they do not include responses from kids or teens, who use smartphones with even greater regularity and intensity.

The research also shows that 26pc of Irish adults now depend on their phone to watch TV, while 23pc use phones for exercise tracking and 41pc use handsets as hifi replacements.

There is no break from the cycle in sight, with 42pc of Irish adults declaring that they intend to buy, or upgrade to, a new smartphone in the next year.

The research also shows that Facebook increasingly owns our attention on our phones, with most adults (78pc) immediately turning to one of either Facebook or Instagram whenever we reach for our devices.

Nevertheless, half of us (51pc) use news apps regularly and 41pc use banking apps on an ongoing basis.

The news comes after Apple announced its latest iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models, which feature better cameras and wireless charging. The tech giant is set to release its flagship iPhone X, with facial recognition technology, in Ireland in November.

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