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Irish ecommerce firm Channelsight strikes deal with Euronics in 34 countries


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The Irish ecommerce firm Channelsight has struck a deal with the European tech retailing giant Euronics to place ‘where to buy’ buttons for tech brands in 34 countries.

The three year deal gives the seven-year-old Irish firm a major new customer base, as it seeks to expand its analytics and ecommerce services.

“Our ‘Where to Buy’ solution helps brands drive more online sales by connecting their online consumers, through a tracked ‘Buy Now’ button that is placed on the brand’s website, or digital asset, instantly to an online retailer to complete their purchase,” a company statement said of the deal.

Last year, Channelsight raised almost €9m in a funding round led by the Dutch investor Connected Capital, with participation from Irish venture fund Act and Enterprise Ireland. It previously raised over €3m in 2015.

“Channelsight works with hundreds of global brands to provide intelligence and insight into the consumer journey,” said Mr O’Gorman, head of strategic partnerships and a co-founder of Channelsight.

“As one of the largest electronics retailer groups in the world, Euronics is a key partner for us and we’re excited to formalise our partnership and build a shared vision for how we can support our mutual brand partners in the years ahead.”

John Beckett, who built the first Ryanair website as a student, is also a co-founder of the firm.

“The Channelsight solution helps us ensure the consumer can have the expected retail experience they desire from every brand at Euronics, be it online or in our physical stores,” said Hans Carpels, president of Euronics GEIE. “A consumer’s search on the brand partner websites will display if the selected product is available at our retail shop nearby. We have to think consumer-first and make it easy for them to find and buy products regardless of online or offline.”

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