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Irish companies face growing cyber risks – report


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Irish companies are facing a growing risk from cyber attacks, as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the economy.

The top three risks facing businesses here include cybercriminal activity, weaknesses a firms network security chain, and business disruption, according to global insurance and consulting group Aon.

In recent days and weeks there has been an increase in phishing emails posing as Covid-19 alerts.

These emails to employees typically contain unsafe attachments which purport to offer information about the outbreak or updates on how to remain safe.

In addition, thousands of businesses were unprepared for the current crisis.

In Aon’s latest Global Risk Management survey, pandemic risk was identified by leaders as only ranking as the 60th most prominent risk to the business community last year.

Rory Moloney, global CEO of Aon Risk Consulting said: “With many employees now working from home to limit the spread of the virus, companies have become totally dependent on IT networks and systems. At this time of unprecedented digital dependency, cyber risks are quickly evolving.”

In order to better prepare against cyber attack and risks, Mr Moloney said companies should “continually assess their risk profile, identify any gaps in their systems and proactively manage their defence.”

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