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Ireland is experiencing biggest wave in immigrating tech talent


Google has set up an office in Dublin's 'silicon docks'

Google has set up an office in Dublin's 'silicon docks'

Google has set up an office in Dublin's 'silicon docks'

Ireland is experiencing one of its biggest ever waves of inbound talent migration.

Some 20pc more professionals came here for work than the number of professionals that left between April and June.

The  software sector attracted the most professionals in Ireland during Q2, according to research from LinkedIn.

The Irish start-up sector is smoking hot, and Ireland has emerged as a major European start-up and multinational hub.

In terms of sectors popular with immigrating talent, software was followed by professional services, hardware, healthcare/pharmaceutical and retail/consumer, Silicon Republic reports.

“According to our data, there’s an increased demand for talent in the Irish economy illustrated by the number of professionals moving to Ireland to take up positions, particularly in the technology sector,” LinkedIn senior director Sharon McCooey said.

“This reflects Ireland’s popularity as a place to do business, and the economic turnaround, which has seen more firms increase their headcount.”

The industries losing the most professionals in Ireland were the financial services and insurance, architecture and engineering and the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

The countries that attracted the most talent from Ireland were the UK, United Arab Emirates, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Almost half of the professional talent which left Ireland went to the UK, according to LinkedIn’s research.

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