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Tuesday 24 October 2017

iPhone 7: Could Apple’s next phone be waterproof?

James Titcomb

We rely on our phones for almost everything, so when they are rendered unusable from being dropped in water – whether it’s the pool, bath or washing up bowl – it’s a disaster.

The solution, beyond the obvious "be more careful", is to find a way to waterproof our phones, but Apple, at least, is yet to fully do this.

Last year’s iPhone 6s made the device a lot more resistant to water damage, packing new waterproof material around sensitive parts of the device, but a series of hints suggest that the next iPhone 7 could well improve on this.

iOS 10's new feature

The iPhone 7 will ship with iOS 10, the latest generation of Apple’s mobile operating system, which will also be made available to older models.

Beta testers have noticed a new feature on the software which tells users not to plug the iPhone’s Lightning charging cable in because liquid has been detected.

It has been pointed out that the feature bears a resemblance to those that manufacturers who have launched waterproof phones have included.

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