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iOS 9 adblockers top app charts


iOS 9

iOS 9

iOS 9

iOS 9 users can now download adblocking apps, and it's proving to be popular with a couple of them entering app charts around the world.

iOS users can take advantage of adblockers, provided they are using iOS 9, and they’re proving popular.

Adblocking apps have entered the charts around the world, even topping the list of paid apps in the U.S. Peace holds the top position in the paid app chart, while Purify sits at number five.

These apps have also seen some success in the U.K. with Purify and Peace entering the charts at 11th and 12th respectively.

Peace’s creator, Marco Arment, says that users shouldn’t feel guilty about using adblockers. “The ‘implied contract’ theory that we’ve agreed to view ads in exchange for free content is void because we can’t review the terms first,” he explained.

While it’s early days yet, it’s thought that these apps’ early success could mean that mobile adblocking will be even more widespread than it is on desktop. A 2014 report indicated that almost 150 million browsers on desktop were using an adblocker of some sort.

Web publishers and content creators will be keeping one eye on the popularity of mobile adblockers.