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'Introduce maths by stealth' to help young people use it daily


A number of colleges run 'second-chance' maths exams. Stock Image: GETTY

A number of colleges run 'second-chance' maths exams. Stock Image: GETTY

A number of colleges run 'second-chance' maths exams. Stock Image: GETTY

Introducing maths by stealth can help to show youngsters how the subject can be applied in everyday life, according to National Numeracy.

The charity has launched a new games app called Star Dash Studios which is based in a virtual film set with the player taking the part of a runner on their first day of work with a to-do list, helping other crew members and completing jobs that involve numeracy.

The game, developed with Plug-in Media, is aimed at 16 to 25-year-olds and encourages players to use everyday maths to tackle problems involving issues such as money, percentages, measurements and estimates.

This "maths by stealth" approach is unique and can help young people to improve their skills, National Numeracy said.

The charity's chief executive Mike Ellicock said: "All the evidence shows that too many teenagers feel disengaged from school maths and don't see its relevance to their future lives.

"We urgently need to crack this problem - and that means a better thought through approach to functional maths, in order to build young people's confidence, interest and practical skills.

"It's against this background that we have developed our new app.

"This is the perfect medium for persuading young people that numeracy is part of every job - whether that's on a film set, in an office or on a building site.

"What's more, the resilience everyone needs to improve at everyday maths is akin to the resilience demanded by gaming.

Persistence pays in both. Try again - and you go up a level."

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