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Instagram admits 'mistake' after removing woman's picture of toddler

A mother who posted a picture of her toddler daughter on photo-sharing Instagram website had her account shut down because the image was deemed "inappropriate."

Mother-of-four Courtney Adamo, 33, of Highgate, north London, claims it happened after she posted a picture of her 19-month-old daughter, Marlow, wearing bright yellow boots and holding up her dress and revealing her belly button last week.

Mrs Adamo received a warning email and the picture was removed from her page. She re-read the guidelines on Instagram and convinced that she had not broken any Instagram rules, Mrs Adamo reposted the photo. The account was then shut down, she claims.

Claiming that it was an innocent picture, Mrs Adamo wrote on her blog: "I thought it was such a sweet photo of my baby girl and her gorgeous, round belly (and outie belly button). And I love that her pride is so evident in the photo - such a sweet and innocent shot of a successful day of potty-training."

To entertain the idea that it is even remotely inappropriate is a disgusting thing in itself, she argues.

In her blog, she adds: "I never, ever, ever would have thought that posting this photo of Marlow would lead to this. Instagram has deleted four years of my family photos and memories: all the photos of our travels, my children's birthdays, all my notes and comments about my children's traits and milestones, all the comments from friends and family, the messages I received when Marlow was born, the hashtags I created to help organise my photos, and all the direct messages I shared and received from my siblings and family members whom I rarely see. All of it gone. I am sick just thinking about it."

Comments such as "sad and disappointing" and "beyond absurd!"are among the replies to her blog from her supporters across the world.

Instagram has reinstated Mrs Adamo's account.

A spokesman said: "We try hard to find a good balance between allowing people to express themselves creatively and having policies in place to protect young children. This is one reason why our guidelines put limitations on nudity, but we recognise that we don't always get it right. In this case, we made a mistake and have since restored the account."

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