Wednesday 11 December 2019

Insiders say Apple's iPhone 7 won't feature a headphone port

The iPhone 7
Credit: Getty Images
The iPhone 7 Credit: Getty Images

Sarah-Jane Murphy

In a bid to create its slimmest handset yet, speculation has intensified that Apple have opted to ditch the headphone socket. quote Apple insiders as saying that the soon to be released iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 plus, won't permit a user to attach headphones.

The Japanese technology website Mac Otakara also reports that the technology company plan to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the new handset.

Instead, headphones will connect wirelessly through Bluetooth or plug in using a 'lightening connector'.

A lightening connector is the 'slimline' power connector currently used by the iPhone6, iPhone5, iPad Mini and iPad 4.

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It is anticipated that the new model of the popular smartphone will include a set of wireless headphones, but the change means that standard Apple headphones can't be used with the handset.

In addition, industry experts say that Apple could introduce wireless charging on the iPhone 7, as it would not be possible to charge the smartphone and use Lightning-equipped headphones at once.

A petition is circulating online, with various people expressing their unhappiness at the development.

Apple already offers Powerbeats 2, Solo2 and Studio wireless headphones for sale through its Beats brand.

Headphones like Philips M2L cans which plug in via the connector are also on sale on the Apple website, costing a hefty €270.

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