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Sunday 22 September 2019

How women can spot an Irish guy on dating sites

Ralph Riegel

IRISH women on online dating sites have a knack for choosing men they think are Irish, even if they do not actually know their nationality.

A new study compared the reaction of 120 Irish and American women to a sample of online male profiles.

The profiles did not specify if the men were Irish or American, but had descriptions typical of men from both countries.

Two of the profiles had positive descriptions of the men, while two included some negative descriptions. One profile was gauged to be neutral, in the study conducted at the University of Wolverhampton in England by Dr Nicola Fox-Hamilton.

Irish women overwhelmingly chose Irish men from the profiles, despite not knowing that the men involved were actually Irish.

The Irish respondents were almost twice as likely as their American counterparts to choose an Irish profile rather than a profile compiled by an American.

It is believed this is due to their identification with such descriptive language as 'craic', 'mighty', 'gas' and 'lash'. "It appears that they identified more strongly with the descriptive language used by Irish men online than with the descriptions used by American men," said Dr Fox-Hamilton.

Irish women were also 50pc more likely to respond to a negative male profile than their American counterparts.

It is believed that, on a subconscious level, Irish people are far more suspicious of profiles that are overwhelmingly positive.

In contrast, Americans were inherently suspicious of profiles where the respondent expressed negative views about either society or themselves. American women overwhelmingly favoured men who spoke highly of themselves online.

Dr Fox-Hamilton, a cyber-psychologist, said more research was needed into Ireland's online dating behaviour.

The explosion in the popularity of dating and social media sites means that, with the sole exception of introductions through friends, Irish men and women are now most likely to first contact a romantic partner online.

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