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How to use your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac

Apple’s new MacOS Ventura upgrade allows you to use your. iPhone wirelessly with your Mac for better webcam video


WIth MacOS Ventura, you can now use your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac

WIth MacOS Ventura, you can now use your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac

WIth MacOS Ventura, you can now use your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac

Mac users can now use an iPhone as a high-end webcam for their computer as part of the upgrades applied to MacOS Ventura, Apple’s latest operating system update.

As well as the better optics the iPhone’s cameras use, including Portrait Mode, the system will take part of the iPhone’s ultrawide camera to show the user’s physical desktop from above, a move aimed at helping people to create DIY videos. It will also take advantage of a feature called Studio Light, which adjusts the lighting to make the subject’s face brighter, as if illuminated by a ring light. Centre stage, the feature that follows you as you move, will also work.

The new webcam setup, called Continuity Camera, will become available wirelessly when the two devices are close by, without having to unlock the iPhone.

And it looks set to work with multiple camera apps, including Zoom.

It answers a Covid-era criticism that computer manufacturers have failed to build in decent webcams to laptops and desktop computers. The PC firms’ line, to date, has been that good built-in cameras take up space and cost more in components.

Apple has also extended Handoff to FaceTime, meaning that a FaceTime call started on an iPhone or iPad will automatically switch over to a Mac when the caller approaches the computer, or vice versa.

MacOS Ventura will be available as a beta within a few weeks and will become available free of charge in the Autumn.

Separately, Apple has introduced enhanced multitasking for iPads, via its Stage Manager feature. This lets users multitask with overlapping windows of different sizes in a single view, drag and drop windows from the side or open apps from the Dock to create groups of apps. The window of the app users are working on is displayed in the centre while other open apps and windows are arranged on the left-hand side in order of recency.

Stage Manager also allows full external display support with a resolution of up to 6K and yup to four apps each on the display and the iPad.

The iPadOS 16 feature, which is restricted to iPads using the M1 chip (the 2021 iPad Pro and 2022 iPad Air), is part of a deepening effort from Apple to see the iPad become better established as a work-friendly computer.

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