Monday 23 October 2017

Hottest send-offs Camera phones tell a tale of narcissism

Cremation is fast becoming the hot way to go. Growing numbers of cash-strapped families are opting to cremate their deceased loved ones rather than expose themselves to the often dizzying expense of the traditional burial.

Predictably, some undertakers are infuriated by this development, and there have been sniffy comments in newspapers about "falling standards".

In reality, of course, a cremation can be just as dignified and respectful as any other form of funeral. Handing large wads of dosh to a 'funeral director' is never the decisive factor. One way or another, the money spent on a send-off is going up in smoke.

Camera phones tell a tale of narcissism

The hacking of phones by media organisations is deplorable, not to mention illegal. However, in several of the high-profile cases that have so far made headlines in the UK and US, a curious trend has emerged: apparently, the camera-phones of many celebrities contain nothing but pictures of themselves.

These people really need to develop outside interests. Self-love is the unhealthiest of all addictions. Even the most hopeless whiskey alcoholic will occasionally ask if someone else in the room would like a shot.

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