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Saturday 7 December 2019

Half of employees use social media at work, says study

Half of employees use social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, at work
Half of employees use social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, at work
Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson

MORE than half of all Irish workers are still using work time to update their Facebook status, tweet or check out photographs on Instagram, though they are spending less time on social media sites than a year ago.

A report by leading law firm William Fry found that 59pc of employees access social media sites during work hours, down from 80pc the previous year.

Workers are spending an average of 39 minutes a working day on social media accounts, down from 56 minutes in 2013.

A Social Media and Employment report, published by William Fry, looked at the business issues around social media usage in the Irish workplace.

The snapshot is a follow-up to the firm's 2013 Social Media in the Workplace Report.

It found that almost all companies, at 95pc, have failed to discuss the ownership of work-related contacts on the personal social media accounts of their employees.

In Ireland, 40pc of employees have work-related contacts on their personal social media accounts such as LinkedIn.

The report authors questioned what happens to these work-related contacts, which may be of significant business value, when an employee leaves.

Catherine O'Flynn, partner in William Fry's Employment and Benefits Department, warned that litigation in the area of social media policy is increasing. She said employers needed to protect their assets, their brand and reputation from potential damage.

"How social media affects the workplace is an issue that employers need to consider and deal with," she said.

Meanwhile, the report notes that 42pc of companies in Ireland have implemented a social media policy. However, it expressed worry that just 54pc of the employees in these companies had actually read the company social media policy.

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