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Hailo Ireland launches new cashless payment service as it surpasses 10 million journeys


Tim Arnold of Hailo

Tim Arnold of Hailo

Tim Arnold of Hailo

Hailo, the taxi-booking app, has launched a new service, called HailoPay, that will allow users to pay for a journey that they haven't booked via the app with their card.

The new service will allow users to pay for their taxi on their phone by inputting the taxi's registration number and pay using a card.

Hailo says that the service won't cost users or drivers anything and it also benefits taxi drivers as they won't need to install in-car card machines.

General manager of Hailo Ireland, Tim Arnold, said that the service is being introduced to benefit small public service vehicle (SPSV) industry in Ireland.

"HailoPay is the latest innovation we’ve introduced to the SPSV industry to create a service that is quick, simple and most importantly secure for both passenger and driver. We’re offering this service at absolutely no cost to passengers and drivers, as part of Hailo’s commitment to support Ireland’s SPSV industry.”

“Hailo is part of a movement that wants innovation and regulation in Ireland’s SPSV industry, and convenience and safety for our passengers. Our drivers go through some of the most stringent background and local knowledge tests in the world. Hailo plays by the regulatory rules, and always operates on the side of the passenger. With this philosophy, we believe we can continue to lead the taxi market in Ireland, and position for further rapid growth across the country.”

Hailo also announced that it surpassed 10 million passengers in Ireland since opening up here three years ago. The company says that drivers who use the app will clock up five million journeys this year and service 45,000 customers a day.

Chief executive of Hailo, Andrew Pinnington, said: "Reaching 10 million journeys in Ireland is a significant milestone jointly owned by our dedicated drivers, Hailo’s own staff, and our customers. We are looking forward to further scaling Hailo in Ireland with the launch of HailoPay and the extension of our service to hackneys.”

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