Monday 18 November 2019

Grand Theft Auto V 'to be released in March 2013'

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest instalment of the massively successful video game franchise, will be released in March next year, according to an analyst.

The highly anticipated title does not yet have an official release date. When the game did not appear at E3, the massive games industry trade show, it was assumed that the release would be some time in 2013.

One analyst says that March next year is likely, particularly because Take Two, the game's publisher, lost $110 million in its first financial quarter. GTA V is expected to generate around $1 billion in revenue. Michael Pachter, of Wedbush, told Now Gamer: "Their fiscal year, ends March 31, so they pretty much have to bring the game out by March 31."

Pachter acknowledged that Rockstar, which makes the game, has released every GTA title, with one exception, in October but the company has released its last three titles in May.

He added: "I wouldn’t rule out a December [2012] launch. You just don’t know with these guys, they could announce next week that GTA is coming out December 20, I think it would be stupid, but they could do it."

Build-up for the title began almost a year ago, when Rockstar put a holding page on its website, showing the logo for the game and the date of the release of its first trailer: November 2, 2011.

Last year, Grand Theft Auto III celebrated its 10th anniversary and was re-released for Apple's iOS devices.

Grand Theft Auto was originally created as a top down open world game for PC and Sony PlayStation by Edinburgh based DMA Design in 1997. However, the series breakthrough came with Grand Theft Auto III for PlayStation 2 which garnered critical acclaim for its rich and detailed setting Liberty City.

GTA III arguably popularised the open-world template, and Rockstar has continued to build on this legacy with subsequent Grand Theft Auto games, and titles such as Old West adventure Red Dead Redemption.

The last game in the series, Grand Theft Auto IV, was the fastest selling game in the UK at the time of its release and the series as a whole has sold over 114 million copies worldwide.

Shane Richmond,

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