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Thursday 17 October 2019

Google rolls out new resource in Ireland to help parents teach children about online safety

Photo posed
Photo posed
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Google has rolled out a new site in Ireland that focuses on helping parents educate their children about online safety.

Featuring resources and information in dealing with topics like data security and privacy controls, the Google Safety Centre will be available in more than 65 languages.

Among the available features are Google privacy controls that allow parents to choose the settings that are right for their family and security guidelines for keeping both parents and children safe online.

The site also includes tools that teach children digital safety and help families better manage technology in the home.

Last year, Google launched Family Link here, an app that allows parents to set certain digital 'ground rules'  for their family.

"Not everyone uses the Internet in the same way, but it's important for parents and children to understand how to explore the online world safely," Ryan Meade, Public Policy & Government Relations Manager at Google Ireland said.

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