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Google Ireland to give €1m to charities to help deal with coronavirus fallout


Google Dublin

Google Dublin

Google Dublin

Google will give €1m in cash to Irish charities and community organisations to help them deal with issues arising from the pandemic.

Six charities and local development organisations will initially share €500,000, though not equally. Those organisations are FoodCloud, Alone, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, A Lust for Life, Ringsend Community Services Forum and South Dublin Community Partnership.

A second €500,000 tranche will be donated to NGOs “focused on supporting job seekers and SMEs across Ireland in finding opportunity and rebuilding livelihoods”, according to the company.

The cash is being donated by Google’s philanthropic arm, Google.org.

“We want to ensure that the vital services provided by many Irish NGOs can continue during a time when they are needed more than ever, which is why we are providing these Google.org grants,” said Nick Leeder, head of Google in Ireland.

“We also want to help Ireland’s SMEs rebuild once the immediate crisis has passed, which is why we are dedicating half of the grant funds to Ireland’s recovery effort, to help the most vulnerable groups who have been impacted most by the crisis restart and rebuild.”

The first part of the grant will launch immediately, while Google.org says it is to “work with trade groups, civil society and small businesses to identify where to best direct the second phase of funding once the immediate crisis has passed”.

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