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Google honours Irish ‘Dracula’ author Bram Stoker with homepage Doodle


GOOGLE has bestowed its highest honour on Irish author Bram Stocker – making a Google ‘Doodle’ to mark his 165th birthday.

The web search giant has changed the logo on its homepage to an illustration of some of the characters from ‘Dracula’ – with users being taken to his Google books collection when they click.

Although Stoker isn’t the first Irish author to be honoured in this way - Irish author Flann O’Brien recently had his 101st birthday marked - Stoker’s is the first to be visible worldwide, not just on the Irish version of the site.

Google changes its logo to mark significant worldwide events - earlier this year there were several to mark the Olympics.

Stoker was born in Dublin in 1847, studying in Trinity College before going to work as a civil servant in Dublin Castle.

He wrote 12 novels and three short story collections prior to his death following several strokes on April 20, 1912.

The Bram Stoker festival took place in Dublin last month from October 26 to 28.