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Google Glass hits production

The first Google Glass devices have been finished and are expected to ship imminently, the company has confirmed.

A day-long battery, a 5MP camera and wifi will all be built in to Google Glass, newly released specifications have also confirmed.

Devices will be sent to those ‘Explorers’ who have pre-ordered, but Glass is not yet going on sale to the general public. In an email to the Explorers, Google confirms “The hardware and software are now ready for you. We’re seeing the first few devices come off the production line right now.”

The device provides a display worn above the user’s right eye that will connect with the internet and provide additional information about the world around them. Voice commands such as “take a picture” or “search” will also allow it to record and augment interaction.

Google warns Explorers, however, that “Instead of waiting for all the devices to be ready, we want to start delivering them to you right now. We’re producing enough for everyone but only a portion of them are ready today.”