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Good for those who haven't chucked Berries


Blackberry Classic

Blackberry Classic

Blackberry Classic

BlackBerry Classic

Price: €450 (unlocked) Rating: ***

We all know someone who clings to their old BlackBerry. "I only use it because the office makes me," they proffer. For these believers, a true test of devotion is nigh, as no Irish operator looks to have signed on to the new 'Classic' model range. This means that in-the-closet fans must go online to sim-free online stores such as Expansys.ie.

Still, the phone itself should please the faithful, with a larger (3.5-inch touch-sensitive) screen as a companion to its Qwerty keyboard. Its battery life is a lot better than the 9900, which most BlackBerry users idolise. It's also faster and can take more storage memory via a MicroSD card. Apps are a bit of a write-off as you can imagine, although there are a few mainstream ones available. If you want one, you'll probably only get one if your company is on a security bender, as the devices still rank highly for security compared to other smartphones (and Android models in particular).

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