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Getting your broadband up to speed

D-Link Powerline AV 500 Mini Adapter Starter Kit

Price: €40 Rating: HHHH

ONE big misunderstanding when it comes to broadband speeds is how much the speed falls off when a wireless router is used. If you're paying for 100Mbs, you may well be getting that speed into your house or office. But as soon as you attach a wireless router, the speed starts to fall off considerably.

In my experience, this can be up to 70pc if you're a few rooms away from the router. This little device gives a slight boost to your wireless speed in far-off rooms, partly using your electricity supply. You connect it to your router (using the supplied ethernet cable) and plug it into a normal electricity socket. Then you plug the companion device (supplied) into an electricity socket in another room. Presto! A faster broadband outlet for another ethernet-connected device (such as a PC or laptop).

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