Sunday 22 April 2018

Getting snap-happy with this innovative new camera from Sony

Sony QX10

Sony QX10
Sony QX10
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Price: €220

Rating: ***

The flipside to Sony making a killer cameraphone is that fewer people will buy their basic standalone compact cameras. This has elicited an innovative response in the form of the QX10, a camera that uses a separate smartphone as a screen.

The gadget is a fully competent camera with its own shutter button, 10x zoom and memory card slot.

But it has no screen of its own: the idea is that you download a free Sony app to your smartphone (any Android) and then pair the two devices.

Presto: you'll see what the camera is seeing on your smartphone's screen.

Because the QX10 looks like a lens and not a full camera, it is less intimidating when you wave it about. This sometimes leads to better shots, with people behaving more naturally than they might with a more obvious camera.

The lens is good, if not outstanding: it sports a normal (small) point-and-shoot 19-megapixel camera sensor from f3.3 to f5.9. It does have a power-zoom lens. There's also a bracket that allows you to attach it to your phone to use it as a 'normal' camera.

A higher-end model, the QX100, sports a 20-megapixel, F1.8 lens but will set you back an extra €300.

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