Monday 18 November 2019

George W Bush is Wikipedia's most-edited entry

Former US President George W Bush
Former US President George W Bush

Rhiannon Williams

Anarchism, the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus also made the list of the most hotly-contested topics on Wikipedia's English-language edition.

Scientists analysed edits made to 10 language editions, including French, Spanish and German to find which entries received the most edits from users.

The team from the University of Oxford collaborated with other institutions to identify the entries subjected to 'edit wars'; when adjustments to the page are almost instantly edited by another editor. This differentiates from pages which simply received a lot of edits, which may reflect a swiftly-changing topic or chain of events.

They found religious matters regarding God or Jesus crossed language barriers to be debated across the editions, whereas some topics were unique to the country of origin.

France's most-edited entry was high profile politician Ségolène Royal, whilst Romanian editors preferred to debate the Universit¬atea Craiova football team.

The report found that politics and political movements accounted for 25pc of the controversial articles, followed by geographical locations such as Israel, Egypt and Syria (17pc and religion (15pc).

Jesus and homeopathy were hotly contested by English, German, French and Spanish wikipedia editors, yet Jesus ranked a lowely 42nd most-edited page by Spanish users.

Wikipedia's open editing policy allows thousands of web users to contribute to and amend articles intended to build a huge database of the world's knowledge. Wikipedia's own editing page warns editors to be cautious when amending what others have written, stating: "One person's improvement is another's desecration".

The data was taken from pages edited throughout 2010.

Top ten most edited entries:

1 George W Bush

2 Anarchism

3 Prophet Muhammed

4 World wrestling entertainment employees

5 Global warming

6 Circumcision

7 The United States

8 Jesus

9 Race and intelligence

10 Christianity

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