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Tech firm Novi launches new 'AirGap' data-recovery service following €120,000 investment



George O'Dowd, managing director, Novi

George O'Dowd, managing director, Novi

George O'Dowd, managing director, Novi

Tech firm Novi has launched a new off-site data recovery service which is expected to help Irish companies protect their data in the event of attack.

AirGap, which is designed to help businesses achieve compliance to GDPR and Central Bank regulations, was launched following a €120,000 investment.

Managed IT services provider Novi specialises in helping companies with ongoing IT issues and against constantly evolving threats, by assessing and updating their infrastructure and delivering increased security, performance and reliability.

The investment includes development of new infrastructure and enhanced security.

According to the firm, AirGap is a direct response to the threat posed by cybercrime to Irish firms, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

"The data stored by companies is perhaps their most valuable asset, businesses need to do everything that they can to minimise the risk of data corruption or loss,"  Managing Director George O’Dowd said.

"As well as this, new Central Bank regulation as well as impending GDPR legislation will require companies to be able to provide details of their disaster recovery plans.

"Availing of AirGap will enable companies to outline a clear path towards getting back online while guaranteeing the security of their customers’ data."

AirGap operates by taking snapshots of customers’ servers - which includes files and data, but also essential server operating systems - and automatically copying them to Novi’s cloud, based in an ISO 27001 certified Irish data centre.

Backups can be scheduled according to individual users’ needs, and hourly, daily or weekly backups are all possible.

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All information transmitted to Novi’s servers is encrypted to further ensure that it remains secure.

Earlier this year, Novi announced an investment of more than half a million euro in its infrastructure ahead of new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules.

The firm stated that the rising level of cybercrime and the upcoming GDPR was a 'key driver for the investment'.

The investment at the centre in Naas, Co, Kildare is aimed at allowing Novi to help companies to better control their data in to meet GDPR and Central Bank requirements.